Welcome to Chicago Area Peace Action University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana Chapter!

We’re here to share blog posts and information about our club, and give our members, followers, and the public, a place to congregate for news, events and information regarding our group and activities!

We’re currently deciding on campaigns and recruiting for the Fall Semester here at U of I. Feel free to follow our page for updates, and more information about our groups activities and upcoming events!

Latest from the Blog

Nonviolent Communication: A Path Toward a More Peaceful and Just Future for Us All

By Jacopo DeMarinis We at CAPA UIUC dedicate a lot of our activist efforts to promoting awareness of social and economic inequities, as well as the climate crisis, and campaigning for social justice and action on climate change. As previous blog posts have made clear, unjust social and economic conditions, exacerbated by climate change, play…

Environmental Peacebuilding Works!

As we have discussed in a previous blog post, one way that social and economic inequity are linked to conflict is through climate change, where those that are most socially and economically vulnerable are those that are most impacted by climate change, enhancing their vulnerability. This consequently exacerbates social unrest and increases the likelihood of…

What is the Justice for Black Farmers Act and What Will it Do?

Written by Jacopo DeMarinis, with contributions from Andrew White  During the majority of America’s growth periods, Black Americans were given leftovers, broken promises, and even broken bodies. This has been as true of American land-use policies as anything else, and the Justice for Black Farmers Act (JBFA) was written with this in mind. This bill…

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